My name is Richard I have been student minister for five years now. I developed Same Shirt Yesterday to help young adults and their parents understand how to manage their Time, Money, and Talent, (TMT) so that they are able to share their TMT with others and see change in the world.

Why should you prepare to share these things? The simple answer, they are in short supply.

1. You have a limited amount of Time on this earth.

2. You will have a limited supply of Money pass through your hands in your lifetime.

3. You are gifted with a few Talents. You must use them wisely.

If you do not prepare and take care of these things then they will be wasted. If they are wasted you will never get to experience the joy of sharing with others.

Same Shirt Yesterday aims to help you manage your TMT in three primary ways:

1. TEACHING you to manage your time, money and talents.

2. CHALLENGING you to give like you have never given before.

3. Helping you IDENTIFY your God given talents.

The name Same Shirt Yesterday comes from a personal experience I had. I describe it briefly below.



Here I am at the Church in Bantu, Ethiopia

(I am wearing the dark blue shirt on the left)

Several years ago I was serving in Ethiopia. I was there to do mission work with the people of Ethiopia. Every morning I would wake up, open my big suitcase and put on a completely clean pair of clothes. As the week went by I realized that the men and women and children I was working with had on the same shirt yesterday. I realized the truth, I carried more shirts in my suitcase then some of them would even wear in a year. It was an eye opening experience for me. It was not so much that I thought that they needed more clothes to make them happy, it was that this was an indication of greater problems that they dealt with. Hunger, disease, homelessness, lack of clean water just to name a few. I began thinking of ways to try to do my part. To try and ease some suffering and to give hope to these people.

On the trip home I realized that I was not in a position to share well with these people or anyone else for that matter. We were in debt and wasting our money on debt interest payments. I wasted my time on meaningless activities. I had never even tried to identify my strong talents so that I could use them effectively. So it was at that point that I decided I would prepare myself and my family in these areas so that we would be prepared to share.

It has not been perfect since that day in 2012 but we have made great strides. I have learned a lot and I hope to share the things I have learned with you.

So that is the shortened story behind Same Shirt Yesterday. Would you join with us as we prepare to give of ourselves like never before?  It will be worth it, I promise.

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