Planting Mars Podcast

Planting Mars Podcast

The Idea:

Thinking big thoughts. Dreaming big dreams. Learning to take action. For God’s Glory and the growth of his kingdom.
Planting Mars Podcast – will focus on conversations about the future. I am specifically interested in talking to church planters as well as business leaders and start-up founders. My theory is that there is a lot that these two groups can learn from each other. I will use the interviews to discover if that theory is true.
The interviews will focus first on professional questions but I will also ask some personal questions of these leaders to determine how they strive to live an effective life. We can learn a lot from each other and this podcast aims to help you learn all you can in one place.

Show Notes, Links, and Resources for all episodes. Click a Link To Start Listening:

Planting Mars Podcast Preview Show [Ep. 001]
Planting Mars [Ep. 002] – Keith Baldridge
Planting Mars [Ep. 003] – Elijah Elkins
Planting Mars [Ep. 004] – Listen As This 6 Year Old Describes The Biggest Problem The World Faces Today
Planting Mars [Ep. 005] – Kingdom Building Entrepreneur Trent Anderson 
Planting Mars [Ep. 006] – Church Planter Brian Shepard
Planting Mars [Ep. 007] – Entrepreneur Katie Treptau 
Planting Mars [Ep. 008] – Collective Overflow Founder Lisa Taylor
Planting Mars [Ep. 009] – You Find What You Look For


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