Does Jesus Need To Tell Us To Be Quiet?

Does Jesus need to tell us to be quiet?

I have taken a challenge to read the New Testament in 30 days. It requires that I read 8 chapters a day. This has been a challenge for sure but has also helped to connect some ideas from different areas of the New Testament. Especially in the Gospels.

As I read through the book of Mark I keep coming across a statement that Jesus makes after performing miracles. Here is one example:

Mark 7:36 “And Jesus charged them to tell no one. But the more he charged them, the more zealously they proclaimed it.” Other instances of this statement are Mark 5:43; 1:44.

I have read these statement by Jesus many times before and was always puzzled by them.  I had always understood this to mean that “His hour had not yet come” (John 2:4 Meaning it was not time for it to be revealed that He is the Messiah) and therefore they were not allowed to speak of Him yet. I believe that is true. But what I find so interesting is the fact that in Mark 7 they completely disobeyed him. The more he asked them to be quiet the more they told the news of what he has done.

Contrast that with the commandment that Christian’s have today, to “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). So many Christian’s today read that command and then do nothing with it. They tell no one about the greatness of God. They tell no one of the power of Jesus. They keep silent.

So does Jesus need to tell us to be quiet to make us speak? I don’t believe so. I believe the difference is in the encounter. In Mark 7 and 5 and 1 the ones who the miracles were performed for and those who saw it had a real encounter with the living God. Their excitement could not be contained.

I believe for Christian’s today we remain silent because we have not had an encounter with Jesus. Nothing has happened for the Christian that is worth speaking of. So we remain silent.

So it is not that Jesus needs to tell us to be quiet. It is that we need to truly encounter the living God. How do we encourage that? How do we help churched people meet with the living God?

I do not have answers to these questions.  It most certainly begins with prayer and then flows from there.

What do you believe?