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Planting Mars [Ep. 002] – Keith Baldridge

“Tasks often take a back seat to people.” – Keith Baldridge

In this episode of Planting Mars I interview Pastor Keith Baldridge of The Living Stone Church in Broomfield Colorado. Keith has served in various capacities in ministry over the last several years but is now working to launch the Living Stone Church. Their first service will be on August 21, 2016.

I got to know Keith over the past year as we have taken two mission team to serve with The Living Stone in Broomfield. I can tell you he is the real deal. He loves the Lord, loves his family, and loves the church. I think you will really enjoy our conversation.

In this interview Keith will share with us:

  • the miraculous story that brought him and his family to Broomfield to plant a church.
  • his approach to ministry.
  • the vision God has laid on his heart for The Living Stone Church and for the city of Broomfield.
  • what a win looks like for their ministry there. [It may be different than you think]
  • the challenges that he faces in ministry.
  • the way he ministers to his family.

There is so much more to this interview that you will not want to miss. We also get into the issue of health and Keith tells us what his favorite book is that he is reading right now.

Thank you for listening. I would love to hear your comments in the comment section below.

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Selected Links From The Episode:

Connect with Keith Baldridge:

Twitter                 Instagram

Connect with The Living Stone Church:

website                Instagram

Seven Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley

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Show Notes:

[5:38] Keith shares the background about how he wound up in Broomfield Colorado. Keith and His wife felt like they were to plant a church but there was hesitation.

[10:13] God moves through a gift.

[11:48] After looking into planting in several cities the Lord showed them Denver was the place for them.

[12:33] The story comes full circle.

[14:28] What are some ways that Keith stays focused on the present?

[14:58] “Tasks often take a backseat to people.”

[16:38] Keith tells about how he came to the principle of people over tasks.

[17:28] “People Matter above everything else.”

[18:03] What vision has God laid on your heart for the Living Stone Church?

[18:43] “Whatever you measure is what you will focus on.”

[19:08] Keith Describes what a win looks like for the Living Stone Church.

[21:18] What is the biggest challenge you have faced since you have arrived in Broomfield?

[22:26] Keith shares his priority as a pastor.

[24:41] What are some non-negotiables with your family? (You will want to be sure and hear his response)

[26:38] Another non-negotiable for Keith is that he does not hang up his ministry hat when he gets home at night.

[27:16] “Every single day that goes by is one less day that I will have to pour into my girls and pour into my wife.”

[27:58] What is it that motivates you to keep going each day?

[28:22] This one passage: Colossians 1:24-29

[29:56] Paul was focused on pointing people toward Jesus.

[30:58] Keith explains the connection between Mission: Impossible and Colossians 1:24-29

[32:48] “It all boils down to,do you have an eternal perspective?”

[34:58] Here Keith describes what his mornings look like.

[37:58] We discuss issues concerning personal health.

[39:08] Keith talks about why it is important to maintain physical health. (You will want to hear what he shares)

[42:38] Here we discuss what he is really excited about when it comes to The Living Stone Church. In this section he shares a really cool story.

[45:48] “The end goal is to meet needs and to see life transformation.”

[46:48] Listen to how he approached fund raisins for the start of The Living Stone Church.

[49:28] “Everything is relational.”

[50:20] “If you are using people as a means to an end then you will fail.”

[54:53] From this point we talk about some fun questions that I ask.

[1:02:58] Where can listeners find you? The Living Stone Church

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Frozen Star Wars Parody Music Video

Will we see the end of the continual onslaught of FROZEN this year? The songs and the parodies of the songs keep on coming. If my girls have anything to do with it that is not likely. They would watch the movie everyday for years to come if they had their way.

With that being said, I came across this parody video and I thought it was great. It combines something my daughters love, FROZEN, with something I love, STAR WARS. Enjoy!

Happy New Year!