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The Great Commission: Less Big Event More Everyday Life

What if the fulfillment of the Great Commission is less about a series of big events and more about how we live every day? I have been thinking about this lately and the following graphic came out of this thinking. This graphic shows a general strategy more than a specific plan.

What do you think? Is there anything that should be added or taken away? I would love to hear from you.

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I will probably change it to say “Great Commission Change Happens Here” as opposed to Stories.


A Step Past Hard

What if you went a step past hard in everything?

Your morning run. You say one mile will be hard. Go one mile and one step.

Your work. You have a long list to do. It looks hard. Do the list and one more thing.

Eating Right. You believe it is hard to avoid the ice cream. So avoid the ice cream and eat some broccoli.

Each of these are examples of a step past hard. If you go an extra step everyday on your run then pretty soon you will be going two miles.

If you avoid ice cream long enough and eat enough broccoli then you will be healthy. Well, healthier than you were before.

My point is, anything worth doing is on the other side of hard.

So step past hard every day and you will see some amazing things happen in your life.

I once thought about writing a book called A Step Past Hard. Two hundred pages of how to step past hard. But, in all honesty, that would be a waste of trees. You have everything here you need to reach your next goal.

  1. Define what hard is in respect to that goal.
  2. Go one step past hard.
  3. Repeat Every Day
  4. Reach the goal and then set the next one.

Have a great day as you step through hard.

What is a Moonshot?

A moonshot, in a technology context, is an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking project undertaken without any expectation of near-term profitability or benefit and also, perhaps, without a full investigation of potential risks and benefits.

Google has adopted the term moonshot for its most innovative projects, many of which come out of the Google X, the company’s semi-secret lab. Google moonshots include Google Glass, Project Loon (a balloon-based Internet service project), the driverless car, augmented reality glasses, a neural network, robots for the manufacturing industry and Project Calico, a life extension project.

Here’s Google’s definition of a moonshot:

A project or proposal that:

Addresses a huge problem
Proposes a radical solution
Uses breakthrough technology


The term “moonshot” derives from the Apollo 11 spaceflight project, which landed the first human on the moon in 1969. “Moonshot” may also reference the earlier phrase “shoot for the moon” meaning aim for a lofty target.


This Definition comes from

Entrepreneur Katie Treptau – Planting Mars [Ep. 007]

“It is not until the point of surrendering and I open my hands to God and say ‘God, I’ve tried please take this over. I am surrendering it to you.”

Welcome to episode 7 of Planting Mars. In this episode I interview Katie Treptau, an entrepreneur/realtor from Minnesota. I came across Katie’s story in an article published in The Bethel Clarion a Publication of Bethel University. The article is called The Business of Hope. It is the same article where I found Trent Anderson’s story from episode 5.

I really wanted to visit with Katie because of the connection she has made between business and mission. In the interview you will hear her passion for her business Olive Branch Boutique and for the mission projects that she supports through her work.

I really enjoyed this interview. Throughout the conversation we hit on subjects from overcoming fear in order to get started on a project, to overcoming her biggest challenge in life, to the bible verse that keeps her motivated each day. I hope you enjoy this interview.

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Selected Links From The Episode:

Connect With Katie:

Instagram: @katie.treptau

Facebook: Olive Branch Boutique

On the Web:

Other Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Youth With A Mission

Feed My Starving Children

Teen Challenge

Unlock Hope (Use discount code SameShirtYesterday to receive a 20% discount on your entire order.)

Books Mentioned:

Start by Jon Acuff

Trust Edge by David Horsager

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Don Whitney

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

The Shack by William P. Young

Show Notes:

7:00 How do you stay organized and on task with such a busy life?

10:00 What was your purpose and goal when starting Olive Branch Boutique?

16:05 At what point did you decide you were going to operate your business with a mission?

22:00 How do you make sure you are always taking action on your dreams?

24:08 Here Katie talks about how her dreams are so small compared to what God has in store.

27:30 What is the biggest challenge you have had to face and overcome?

38:30 What motivates you each day?

43:00 How do you maintain your relationship with the Lord?

46:50 What is one thing that really excites you about your current work?

58:10 What do you do to always make sure your marriage is growing or moving forward?

1:02:30 What are some things that dads should be doing for their daughters?

1:10:30 If you could send a tweet that everyone in the world was guaranteed to read what would it say?

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

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Church Planter Brian Shepard – Planting Mars [Ep. 006]

“Our Story is probably not what you would expect. So maybe this story will be helpful to others.” – Brian Shepard

Welcome to episode 6 of Planting Mars. In this episode I interview church planter Brian Shepard. Brian is from Oklahoma but is currently planting a church in San Francisco, California.  As you listen you will find that Brian’s story is unique in that his approach to ministry in San Francisco has transitioned over time. He will explain that transition to you in this interview.

It was really informative to hear Brian share about the four different approaches that church planters take when planning to plant a church. He explains the four approaches and then explains why they are taking the Amos Priority in their church planting efforts.

I really enjoyed visiting with Brian and I believe you will enjoy all that he has to share. As you listen you will really hear and understand Brian’s heart for ministry, his family and his love for the Lord.

Ultimately the goal of the podcast is that you will hear something that is encouraging to you and help your relationship with the Lord grow deeper and stronger.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Brian Shepard.

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Selected Links From The Episode:

Connect with Brian:

Instagram: @brianshepard

Facebook: Brian Shepard

twitter: Brian Shepard


Other links mentioned in the episode:

Unlock Hope

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Other Items Mentioned:

Guitar Pick Punch Kit (I am not sure if this is the exact one that is mentioned but it is something like this)

Books Mentioned:

The Hardy Boys

Show Notes:

5:00 Brian Shares His Bio.

9:30 Where are you at with the church plant?

13:30 Different Kinds of Church Plants:

  1. The Antioch Priority- Strong Sending Based Churches
  2. The Acts 2 Priority – Multiplying Indigenous Missional Communities
  3. The Amos Priority – Engaging the Gospel in Ministries of Justice
  4. The Athens Priority – Starting Churches Among the Least Reached People Groups

24:30 “No one really wants to hear about the Gospel. And I think more importantly they are wanting to see the Gospel lived out.”

27:00 “What non-Christian people do you have that are asking you not to move?”

27:55 What is the key quote or scripture that motivates you each day?

37:30 Brian explains how he is taking in the scripture at this point in his walk.

43:00 Brian share how he guards his time with his family.

55:10 “Don’t pigeon hole yourself into thinking it is the only context of a church and I need to get paid full time at the church.”Here Brian talks about how ministry may lead you to a place that is not traditional church work.

55:40 “Wherever I land I am on mission. No matter where I am.”

“God do you want me to go around the world or do you just want me to go across the street?

1:00:20 What is your favorite book of all time?

1:01:00 What tweet would you send that everyone in the world would read?

Jesus loves you. He really does save. Trust him today. I’m praying for you.


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Kingdom Building Entrepreneur Trent Anderson

“Fail early and fail fast.” – Trent Anderson

In this episode of Planting Mars I interview Kingdom building entrepreneur Trent Anderson.

Trent works for the mission organization Praying Pelican Missions which is the largest provider of short term missions in the world.  In this role Trent coordinates short term mission trips to Central America. He has also founded a business to help support his missional lifestyle. Reach International Outfitters is a business that he created to help offset some of the costs associated with being a full time missionary.

Now Trent wants to teach others how to be a Kingdom building entrepreneur. You can find out more at his personal website

In this interview Trent will share:

  • The vision behind Reach International Outfitters
  • His philosophy to make sure he is always moving forward with his dreams.
  • What it is that motivates him each day.
  • His insights into starting a Kingdom Building Business.
  • How he grew his Instagram account to over 14 thousand followers.
  • And so much more.

Trent is only 23 years old but has some great insight and wisdom that I am sure you will find useful.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Trent Anderson.

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Selected Links From the Episode:

Connect with Trent:

Instagram: @trentanderson16      @reach_international_outfitters


Other Links Mentioned in the episode.

Unlock Hope

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Freedom Fastlane

The Amazing Seller

Freeletics App


Selfie Tripod

Books Mentioned:

The Four Hour Work Week

Humility: True Greatness

Show Notes:

[5:45] What is a lifestyle engineer?

[8:10] Introduction to Reach International Outfitters

[10:00] The idea behind Reach International Outfitters

[13:00] How do you go about finding manufacturers?

[15:00] What is a major challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?

[17:00] How do you make sure you are always taking action on your dreams?

[25:00] What is it that motivates you each day?

[27:20] How do you approach you Bible study time?

[29:40] How do you maintain your health?

[31:15] What excites you about your current work?

[34:00] What would you say to someone who wants to do what you are doing?

[36:00] How have you seen God’s provision in your work?

[39:25] What are one or two keys to having a successful Instagram account?

[44:00] What can we learn by thinking big?

[50:00] What is your favorite book of all time?

[51:00] If you could send one tweet that everyone in the world would read what would it say?

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Persecution Causes the Necessary To Become Important

Last night a student asked if we should put ourselves in places of persecution so that our faith grows. It is a good question.

This answer is inspired by 2 Thessalonians 1

Of course the answer is hard. The answer that I want to give is NO! Your faith can grow without struggle. But the true answer is YES! Yes I think we should strive to do hard things that push us to the boundaries.

What I really mean to say is that we should push beyond our boundaries. That is where our faith grows. Here is the scenario. God calls you to take a stance. That specific stance scares you. “People will make fun. People will unfriend me. People will think less of me. People will…” Fear is a boundary.

It is a boundary that consumes too many of us. Go do the thing that God has called you to that really scares you. That is where you grow. Persecution may come. No, persecution will come as you stand on the principles of scripture. SO WHAT?

In the midst of persecution the necessary becomes important and the unnecessary falls away.

Can you imagine being in a secret house church in a middle eastern country when suddenly you fall under attack by men who want to kill you? Immediately you decide what is important and all else is left behind.

The necessary becomes important and the unnecessary falls away.

I have too much junk. I worry too much about that junk. Think of all the physical, financial, and mental effort that has gone into that junk. When persecution comes that stuff will be unnecessary.

So why is that junk necessary now?

I have to be honest, I don’t yet pray for persecution to come. Maybe I should. Maybe I will one day.

I know it is coming. There is a day that there will no longer be in middle moral ground. You will have to take sides. You will have to join the battle for the kingdom or you will fall victim to the enemy.

I guess what I am getting at is prepare now. Get in the battle now. Decide what is important now. Fight the good fight now.

Do something that the Lord has called you to now.



This Has Really Got Me To Thinking!

I came across this story about Teddy Roosevelt in a blog post by Seth Barnes. The blog post is called The Red Pill of Commitment In the post he puts forth the challenge to read this story aloud each day. I am taking the challenge. Will You? You can read more by clicking the title above.

The following is from the article:

Teddy Roosevelt showed us what a life of commitment in the face of fear looked like. Once he was shot in the chest by a would-be assassin while giving a speech. He didn’t let the bleeding or the pain stop him from giving the speech. 
Roosevelt gave us a brilliant summary of his philosophy:
“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again.

Because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

What do you think?